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Connecting with Mobile Users

Image of an article on making websites useful for mobile audiences

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Stand–alone mobile sites and mobile apps just aren’t cutting it

With the dramatic rise of mobile–enabled devices, healthcare marketers are looking for new ways to connect with mobile users. 

It’s time to consider a whole new approach to the mobile Web. One that is much more efficient for healthcare marketers to maintain and improves the mobile experience for visitors to your website.

It’s called responsive design.

Responsive design enables a website to automatically adjust to the device being used. Every site visitor has an optimal experience regardless of whether they are accessing the website with a Smartphone, tablet or a desktop computer.

In this article you'll learn:

  • What responsive Web design is and its advantages over traditional mobile sites or mobile apps
  • How healthcare organizations use responsive design to address the problem
  • How responsive design challenges traditional design myths
  • About mobile-first design in regard to responsive design