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Aligning The Stars Around Physician Promotion

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Physician ratings and reviews - they're either on your radar, or your radar is broken.

You've heard the success stories promoted at SHSMD, in print and online. You've jealously browsed reviews on the web sites of those organizations that have already implemented physician ratings and reviews. All the while, you've wondered, "Should we do this too?" and "Can we make it happen here?"

The answer is an emphatic, "Yes!"  But if you want to implement physician ratings and reviews at your organization, you can't just hope it happens. You may actually have to pull your organization forward, responding to fear, uncertainty and doubt from physicians and leadership. But the transition is not only possible, it may be imperative for the future success of your organization. 

In this article, you'll discover:

  • The common misconceptions about ratings and reviews, and how to counter them with a more accurate understanding of the benefits
  • Why physicians and administrators are often afraid of ratings and reviews, and how you can help them get beyond their fear 
  • How to frame the conversation so that leadership understands why it's important to begin this journey now
  • Marketing and organizational benefits of implementing physician ratings and reviews that can help your bottom line