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Achieve Real ROI

Genesis Sees Impressive ROI from Search Engine Marketing Campaign    

Promoting Cancer Care in a Unique Way

Genesis Health System CancerGenesis Health System is transforming cancer care. They've launched a new Cancer Center Institute and added impressive, next generation technology. Next they needed a new way to promote the service line. Genesis turned to Geonetric to help develop an integrated marketing campaign that effectively shares the health system's unique story with its 10–county, two–state service region. The campaign did more than just tell a story — it produced impressive ROI. 

Applying SEO and SEM Expertise

Before starting a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign, it's essential to review what's already in place. We did this by implementing a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) plan that would help enhance their rankings with improved content. The plan:

  • Review the cancer section of the website and restructure the copy to focus more on conditions and treatments

  • Add targeted keywords to the copy

  • Build out pages on new technology and specific conditions

With a solid online foundation in place, we developed an SEM campaign that targeted the metropolitan Quad Cities area and extended into other parts of Eastern Iowa and Northwestern Illinois using Google AdWords and online image ads. The Google AdWords campaign focused on specific cancer conditions, such as breast and prostate cancer, as well as treatments, such as tomotherapy, robotic surgery and chemotherapy. People searching Google for those key terms were presented with text and image ads promoting Genesis' cancer services.

The ads sent visitors to specific landing pages for the key terms and presented them with an immediate call to action — a call out box prompting them to talk with a cancer specialist or request more information. Visitors who clicked on the box were sent to a contact form and phone number that would reach an oncology specialty nurse.

Amazing Results

The results exceeded everyone's expectations. Our knowledge of search engine optimization best practices along with our understanding of Genesis' cancer services helped boost search engine traffic and lead targeted visitors to the site. In a search for "quad cities cancer hospital" Genesis moved from #24 to the coveted #1 spot in Google, and "quad cities breast cancer hospital" went from #15 to #1 in Google.

The SEM campaign ran for three months and resulted in:

  • More than 1,500 new visits to the site
  • More than 500,000 banner ad displays on various sites in the target market

Within six months, the campaign brought in 10 new patients of varying diagnoses to Genesis, including three from beyond the immediate market area. With their average charges for a course of radiation being $40,000, Genesis has already seen an increase of $400,000 in charges, or more than 6,500 percent ROI.

In Their Words

Geonetric brought impressive knowledge of SEO and SEM to the table and helped us develop an effective campaign that delivered real results. We're already developing campaigns for other service lines and working on a second phase of the cancer SEM campaign.

Joyce Engelmann – Manager, Corporate Communications and Marketing at Genesis Health System

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